Friday, 11 January 2013

Rah excited for this

                                         The trailer music is awfully misguided though.

Friday, 21 December 2012

 "Enjoying the drum series, but, all very hip underground choices for the most part so far. Where are the in plain view greats? Thinking: Frank Beard of ZZ Top (La grange is great), Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, Bill Ward, Neil Peart, Phil Rudd of AC/DC (laying down the solid groove you can dance and drink a beer to without spilling a drop), Charlie Watts. All these guys are so good they pretty much make my heart explode with joy and make my toes a tap, tap, tap. Give it up for the stadium monsters!"

Living in a cultural bubble

These days the internet is the only form of media that I use, I don't have a tv license or watch television, there are no magazines I read intently and I don't listen to radio, the only other connection to the media world I voluntarily make is maybe the Xbox dashboard. At particular times of year this feels like I've enclose myself in a culturally bubble and I'm deprived from the cultural phenomena I remember being so pervasive and unavoidable in England; its the 21st of December and not once this entire month have I heard Wizzard, Slade, Cliff, Shakin Stevens, Wham, Live Aid. I heard the Pogues (well a lone fiddling busker at bond street's version) and I've heard oldey chrisssmasssy stuff in supermarket, but none of the wonderful naff cheap tinselly mulch that signifiers xmas to a man my age (who grew up in the era of hundreds of music channels) as much as santa, trees, an abuse of fairy lights and snow. Xmas this year feels like a total debunked non event because of it (like the year I caught my dad playing a Playstation meant for me a few weeks before xmas).